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Shop Hometown First


We all know the importance of shopping locally and buying from small businesses, but now more than ever, it is important to Shop Hometown First.  Some of our businesses are struggling to continue to operate under the current State of Emergency.  Many have changed the way they deliver services to you, and they need your support to ensure they make it through this crisis.

If one of our Florenceville-Bristol businesses do not have the product you are looking for, please let them know.  They want you to be able to purchase all your products and services in our Town.  They want to be your source for all your shopping needs.  It takes a community to get through a crisis.  We're all in this together.

Support our Hometown businesses by taking advantage of their curbside pickup, delivery services, or gift certificates that can be redeemed once the government allows their sector to fully reopen again.

Choose a sector below:

Restaurants (takeout or gift certificates)


Personal Services (massage therapists, hair dressers, barbers, and more)


Many are taking this time at home to tackle some renovation projects.  Our Town offers some great contractors and building supply stores that would be happy to have your business.

Building Supplies & Contractors (carpenters, electrical contractors, plumbers, and more)

Need a building permit?  Click HERE for more details and for the application.

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