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Building Permits


Residents are reminded that a BUILDING PERMIT is required for the construction of any new buildings; renovation or demolition of existing buildings; to modify heating, plumbing, or air conditioning systems; for extensive electrical work; to build a deck; to erect a fence or to install a pool.


A building permit is Not required:

  • To replace existing doors or windows with the same size doors or windows

  • To install or replace vinyl siding on any structure.  All other siding installations

       would require a Building Permit.​

  • To construct a utility shed under 100 square feet

  • To re-shingle a roof when there is no structural work required

  • To install eves trough (drainage must be contained to your property)

  • To replace or increase attic insulation

  • To replace or install drywall or plaster

  • To damp proof a basement

  • To paint or redecorate

  • To install kitchen or bathroom cupboards

  • To replace existing decking surface or replace existing non-structural

       components of a deck, veranda, landing or stairs unless the purpose is to​

       bring it up to Code,

A building permit is required: 

  • For the construction of any new buildings

  • To renovate, repair or add to an existing building

  • To demolish or remove portion of an existing building

  • To demolish or remove all of an existing building

  • To relocate an existing building

  • To change the use of a building

  • To install, change, or remove partitions and load bearing walls

  • To make new window or door openings in an existing building

  • To change the size of windows or doors in an existing building

  • To build a garage or balcony

  • To build a deck, whether it is attached to a building or not

  • To excavate a basement

  • To construct a foundation

  • To install or modify heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems

  • To do extensive electrical work 

  • To install or modify fireplaces

  • To construct or reconstruct a chimney

  • To install a pool or any device capable of holding 600mm water (24”) or more

  • To erect a fence 


Required Inspections during Construction 

You are legally responsible for notifying the Building Department at the above mentioned stages so that any problems can be corrected before they become costly.

We will need to see the following stages of construction:

  1. Footing in Place

  2. Foundation with damp proofing, drain tile, crushed rock etc.

  3. Framing and roof tight (windows, doors, sheathing papers installed.

  4. Insulation and vapor barrier prior to the interior finishing being installed (electrical, plumbing, heating, and mechanical ventilation must be in place)

  5. Prior to Occupancy

Contact our office to arrange a building inspection at 506-392-6013.

** Note: Building permits must be issued before construction begins. This may take up to two weeks so apply early.

Click Here to download the building permit brochure in PDF format.

Click Here to download the Building Permit application in PDF format.

Click Here to download the Electrical Waiver application in PDF format.

Building Permit Applications and Electrical Waiver Applications can be faxed to our office at 506-392-5211 or via email to

Click Here to go to the Business Directory page where you can download a list of Contractors in our area in PDF format.

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