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Labour Force Status


As of the 2016 census, following are some statistics regarding the labour force in Florenceville-Bristol:


Unemployment Rate 8.5%            Provincial Unemployment Rate: 11.2%


Breakdown of Occupation Classifications:


All occupations                                                                    815

0 Management occupations                                                110

1 Business, finance and administration occupations          115

2 Natural and applied sciences and related occupations    70

3 Health occupations                                                             55

4 Occupations in education, law and social,

   community and government services                               105

5 Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport               20

6 Sales and service occupations                                         115

7 Trades, transport and equipment operators

   and related occupations                                                   120

8 Natural resources, agriculture and related

   production occupations                                                      45

9 Occupations in manufacturing and utilities                        65

For all statistics regarding Florenceville-Bristol’s labour force, visit Statistic Canada’s website.


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