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The Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall at 4724 Juniper Rd will be activated as a Warming Centre in the event of a longer term power outage in Florenceville-Bristol and surrounding area.   The Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall also acts as the Regional Emergency Operations Centre in case of emergency so other Regional Warming Centres can also be used for residents of Florenceville-Bristol.  The Bath Fire Hall is located at 125 Church St and the Centreville Fire Hall is located at 836 Central Street.


Please call Fire Chief Andrew Cougle at 391-6169 or the Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall at 392-6470 if you have any questions.


Due to the potential for health, hygiene and safety issues, please do not feed wild animals, including deer.  Feeding them can result in:

• Increased risk of road accidents

• Increase of parasites (ticks)

• Transmission of diseases (Lyme, rabies)

• Increased presence of predators (coyotes, bears)

• Damage to properties (plants, trees, gardens)

• Harmful to the health of wild animals

• Wild animals become "domesticated"

Public Meeting Contact Info
Please click here for the contact information for all the guest speakers from the November 20, 2017 Public Meeting.

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