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Municipal Services

Garbage pick-up and recycling

Florenceville-Bristol's garbage and recycling is collected weekly by J.S. Bellis, and taken to a waste management facility.  This curbside pickup is included in the municipal tax rate for residential properties. 

Curbside garbage collection is every Thursday.  The second Thursday of each month is Recycling pickup week, however the Town has added a garbage collection on that week as well.  On Recycling week, there will be one truck picking up recycling and one truck picking up garbage, so please keep them separate.  Please refer to the blue bin recycling calendar for more information.  Garbage or recycling needs to be curbside by 7am to ensure pickup.  

In addition to weekly pick-ups, the town has three special pick-ups throughout the year, as well as two Household Hazardous Waste drop-off dates and Christmas tree pick-up after the holiday season. These dates are available on J.S. Bellis' website and scroll to View Clean-up Schedule.

Old appliances, electronics, scrap metal, single-use plastics (ie grocery bags), household batteries, and car batteries can be taken to Crain's Bottle Exchange in Bath.

Leftover paint can be dropped off at Wiebe's Home Building Centre in Centreville and they'll dispose of it for you.

The Carleton Victoria Wood Producers on Perkins Way can take brush and branches Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm.  Just stop at their office and someone will direct you where to go.


Municipal Payments

Property tax bills can be paid at Service New Brunswick, or your personal commercial bank.

Payment methods accepted for sewer bills.:

  • Cash, credit card or debit card paid at Reception in Town Office

  • Cheque payable to Town of Florenceville-Bristol can be delivered in person to Reception, or via mail to:

               Town of Florenceville-Bristol

               19 Station Road

               Florenceville-Bristol, NB  E7L 3J8

  • SNB at counter

  • SNB online

  • Set up as a bill payment with some financial institutions

For Residential sewer rates, please see rates on our Sewer Billing page.

For Commercial sewer rates, please see the full schedule of rates on our Business Costs page.

The Town Office accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards.

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Dog tags and missing animals
If you own a dog within Florenceville-Bristol's town limits, you must purchase an annual dog tag. To purchase your dog tag, please visit the Town Office. Please note that proof of a rabies vaccination is required when purchasing your dog tag. To report a missing or found pet or other animal, or to report an animal related nuisance, you can contact the NBSPCA at 1-877-722-1522.

Animal Control                                   Fee              HST Status

All Dog Tags                                $15/yr/dog        HST Included

Dangerous Dog Tags                 $200/yr/dog       HST Included

Lost Tag Replacement                       $5               HST Included

Boarding of Dog                            $20/day           No HST

Dog Transportation Fee                  $100              No HST


Dog Tags are now available online! 

Please visit to purchase yours.

Municipal Buildings and Facility Rentals

Florenceville-Bristol owns several buildings that the public may rent. Our Community Hall also includes a Licensed Kitchen, which some may find helpful when preparing food for a nearby event.

Facility Rentals                                                                             Fee                             HST Status

Civic Centre Rink Floor Only                                          $50/hr or $600 full day              + HST

Entire NCCC (incl meeting rooms, team rooms)                   $750 per day                     + HST

Meeting Room #1                                                              $15/hr or $50/4 hrs                + HST

Swimming Pool                                                                            $50/hr                           HST Included 

Community Hall, includes licensed kitchen         $50/day + $50 damage deposit         + HST on rental fee only

Riverside Park Gazebo without Power                                       $30/day                         + HST

Riverside Park Gazebo with Power Use                                     $40/day                         + HST

Health and Emergency Services

Florenceville-Bristol has one medical clinic, one dental clinic, and two optometrist offices.  The Upper River Valley Hospital is located a 15 minute drive from Florenceville-Bristol.  It is the newest hospital in New Brunswick, and has been designated as the first full service hospital in Canada to be recognized as a leader in energy and environmental design.

To apply for health insurance coverage under NB Medicare, phone 1-888-762-8600, or complete an application at


The Province of New Brunswick maintains a list of New Brunswick patients without a family doctor.  When a new family physician enters practice or a practicing physician can take on more patients, they consult this list.

New Brunswickers without a provider can register with Patient Connect NB and will be assigned to a provider on a first-come, first-serve basis.  To register by phone, call Tele-Care at 811 or register online at

Protective Services

Florenceville-Bristol contracts the services of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and are dispatched through the Woodstock office of the RCMP. 

The Province of New Brunswick operates a highly integrated, enhanced 911 system.  Dialing this number on the telephone connects you to appropriate emergency service providers such as police, ambulance, fire, and poison control.  This number is for Emergency use only. 


In the event of an emergency, dial 911. 


To reach local RCMP when it is not an emergency situation, call 325-3000 to speak to an officer.


The 911 operator will dispatch the Florenceville-Bristol Fire Department in the event of a fire.  They are located on Juniper Road, comprised of volunteer fire fighters.

The Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall at 4724 Juniper Rd will be activated as a Warming Centre in the event of a longer term power outage in Florenceville-Bristol and surrounding area.   The Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall also acts as the Regional Emergency Operations Centre in case of emergency so other Regional Warming Centres can also be used for residents of Florenceville-Bristol.  The Bath Fire Hall is located at 125 Church St and the Centreville Fire Hall is located at 836 Central Street.


Please call Fire Chief Andrew Cougle at 391-6169 or the Florenceville-Bristol Fire Hall at 392-6470 if you have any questions.

Public Meeting Contact Info

Please click here for the contact information for all the guest speakers from the Monday, November 20 Public Meeting.

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