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Children's Race

Fees & Costs

Below you will find a list of our costs for certain programs and rentals in all times of the year.

The following are the rates as of January 1, 2022.  For the most current rates, please check User Fee Policy No. 6.




Outdoor Swimming Pool

TYPE                                                RATE           HST STATUS

Public Swimming                        $3.00           HST Included

Lap Swim                                      $3.00           HST Included

Private Pool Rental                  $50.00/hr        HST Included

Individual Pool Pass                   $50/yr          HST Included

Family Pool Pass                       $125/yr         HST Included

Pool Programs: Sessions 1 (July 4-15), 2 (July 18-29), 3 (August 1-12)

Little Waders (4 months-3 years): $25

Nemo (3 years old at the start of the session): $50

Dory (4 years of age at the start of the session): $50

Swimmer 1-6 (must be 5 years old to start Swimmer 1): $60

Rookie/Ranger/Star Patrol (7/8/9): $60

Private Weekly Lessons (7 weeks total offered): $70

Adult Swimming Lessons (Once a week for 8 weeks): $80

Swim Team (10 and under, 11 and up): $60

Lap Swim: $3

Family Swim (Saturdays and Sundays): FREE

Senior Swim (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays): FREE

*HST included in all prices. Updated for Summer 2022.


Northern Carleton Civic Centre

USER GROUP                                RATE     HST STATUS

Minor Hockey                              $81/hr         + HST

Minor Hockey Tournament       $92/hR    + HST

Youth Hockey                              $86/hr         + HST

Youth Hockey Tournament          $98/hr         + HST

Adult Hockey                             $115/hr        + HST

High School Hockey Practice      $86/hr        + HST

High School Hockey Game       $120/hr        + HST

Public Skating                                FREE  

*Youth Hockey includes Pee Wee AAA & Bantam AAA teams.

Once ice time has been booked at the Northern Carleton Civic Centre, the “User” agrees to pay the ice rental fees as outlined on the User Fee Policy as adopted by Municipal Council.  The “User” is subject to a cancellation fee of $15 HST included, if given at least 7 days’ notice.  If ice time is cancelled within 7 days of the regular ice time, the “User” is subject to the full ice rental as outlined in the User Fee Policy.  

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Summer Soccer League


U4 (born in 2018-2019): $35

U6/T-Ball (born in 2016-2017): $40

U8 (born in 2014-2015): $50

U10 (born in 2012-2013): $65

U12 (born in 2010-2011): $65

U14 (born in 2008-2009): $65

U16/18 (born in  2004-2007): $65

*Jersey deposits required for those U12-U18. HST included in all prices. Updated for Summer 2022.


Summer Baseball League


7U (born in 2015-2016): $40

9U (born in 2013-2014): $50

11U (born in 2011-2012): $60

13U (born in 2009-2010): $60

15U (born in 2007-2008): $60

18U (born in 2004-2006): $125 (affiliated with Baseball NB)

*Jersey deposits for U11 and up. HST included in all prices. Updated for Summer 2022.

Baseball Team
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