Commercial Sewer Rates

The Town of Florenceville-Bristol charges $155.70 per unit every six months as follows:

Apartments                                                                          1 unit per apartment in building

Boarding House                                                                  1 unit per every four boarders or fraction thereof

Schools                                                                                1 unit per every 10 pupils and staff or fraction thereof

Senior Citizens Home                                                          1 unit per every 5 beds or fraction thereof


Employees and Personnel in offices, retail stores, 

     finances, banks, garages, supermarket, drugstore,

     senior citizens homes, warehouse, etc.                         1 unit per every 10 employees or fraction thereof   

Church                                                                                1 unit

Club or Tavern                                                                    2 units

Restaurant (non-licensed)                                                  3 units

Restaurant (licensed)                                                         4 units

Take-out                                                                              1 unit

Canteen                                                                              1 unit

Barber Shop or Beauty Salon                                             1 unit

Service Station                                                                    2 units

Car Wash                                                                            3 units

Auto Body Shop                                                                  1 unit

Laundromat                                                                         1 unit per every 2 washers or fraction thereof

Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfasts                                        1 unit per every 3 bedrooms or fraction thereof 

RV/Camp Ground                                                                1 unit per every 3 trailer sites or fraction thereof 

                                                                                             1 unit per every 6 tent sites of fraction thereof


Funeral Home                                                                      2 units


Recreation Centres                                                             1 unit


Bakery                                                                                 2 units

Advertising Opportunities

The Northern Carleton Civic Centre (NCCC) offers advertising opportunities to businesses around the rink on an annual basis.

NCCC Advertising Location                          Rate            HST Status

Wall Signage - 1 year contract                      $250            + HST

Wall Signage - 2 year contract                      $450            + HST

Rink Board Signage - 1 year contract           $350            + HST

Rink Board Signage - 2 year contract           $650            + HST

Rink Floor Logo - Centre Ice                    $600/season     + HST

The Province completes the assessments of properties

Property Tax

In New Brunswick, the province is responsible for collecting property taxes on behalf of municipalities. These taxes are based on the assessed value of real estate such as land and buildings.

2018 Florenceville-Bristol residential tax rate
$1.2899/$100 of assessed value
Example: A residential property assessed at $100,000 = $1,289.90 of property tax
Property tax bills can be paid through your online banking, in person at SNB or online at

In 2018, The Town of Florenceville-Bristol had the following property tax rates per $100 of assessed value:

                                                                               Residential (owner occupied):       $1.2899

                                      Residential (second residence or non-owner occupied):       $2.4132

                                                                            Residential Other (ie: farmland):       $2.5072

                                                                          Non-Residential (ie: commercial):       $4.1209

Plus $0.0486 Tenancy Fee due to NB Rentalsman’s Office on rental properties


The Province charges an assessment fee of $0.0194 per $100 which is in addition to the above rates.

Non-Residential:  Of the $4.1209, the Province receives $2.186 and the Town receives $1.9349.