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Dr. Ansy D’Souza is a Senior Physician at the Dr. Saji D’Souza’s KSAC Hospital. She received an M.B.B.S degree before getting a Diploma in Family Medicine (London).

She has deep interest in Allopathy and Ayurveda and the scope of her specialties include various health ailments. She developed profound interest in Ayurveda, for treating various diseases which could only be treated through surgery or could not be treated altogether in Allopathy and devised various Ayurvedic treatments for such diseases.

Our Treatment Include:

Best Ayurvedic Hospital for Diabetes in Hyderabad

Diabetes – An Introduction

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is unable to make or produce insulin or when the body is not in a position to make use of insulin that the pancreas produces.

The insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas which plays a key role in transporting glucose as energy to the cells. When the insulin is not produced or is produced very little it leads to raised glucose levels in the blood resulting in diabetes.

The best ayurvedic hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad such as KSAC is well known for holistic healing practice though Ayurveda. The ayurvedic doctorsat the best ayurvedic hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad are providing treatment for diabetes. The best ayurvedic hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad through its doctorsis helping in managing diabetes.

How does diabetic treatment works – Analysis

According to recent health reports, almost 30 million people in India suffer from Type-2 diabetes. As per the Ayurveda, diabetes can be traced to an imbalance of doshas. Ayurvedic doctors opine that the cause of diabetes is a decrease in the digestive fire or Agni resulting in diminished ability of the body in metabolizing the energy and in eliminating the toxins.

Diabetes is a manageable disease with scientists across the globe working round the clock for complete cure of diabetes with medicines without any side effects. Until then, diabetes can only be managed by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet as per ayurvedic texts and also taking allopathic medicines in case of chronic diabetes.

Types of treatment, remedies for diabetes – KSAC specialization

The best ayurvedic hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad such as KSAC where doctors lay more emphasis on diet management such as advising diabetic patients to avoid consuming excessive sweets, red meat, seafood and other dairy products that aggravates the Kapha energy and recommending to consume fresh green vegetables, amla, barley, brown rice, cabbage and herbs like cardamom, garlic, fenugreek etc. According to the Ayurveda, diabetes is considered as madumeha . If untreated it can lead to complications like neuropathy, problem with kidney, non healing wounds etc.The types of ayurvedic treatment for diabetes as a specialization at KSAC includes-

· Kaya Chikista

· Diet and lifestyle advice

· Yoga and meditation to manage stress levels

· Getting proper sleep

The doctors at KSAC may also suggest special herbs and Rasayanas rejuvenate the body to ensure that no further complications arise due to chronic diabetes. Treatment for the chronic or advanced stage of diabetes especially with complications works on improving the overall quality of lifestyle of the concerned patient through customized Rasayanic treatment, diet and simple lifestyle modifications.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment at KSAC – Summary

The best ayurvedic hospital for diabetes in Hyderabad such as KSAC is successful in managing diabetes by recommending potent ayurvedic remedies depending on patients condition and body constitution. For those suffering from chronic diabete

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