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The Canon Pixma MX330 is an all-in-one inkjet printer ideal for home or small business use. This multifunction device only accepts color and black cartridges, not separate ink tanks.

To give you the best of both worlds, the black tank uses a pigment-based ink for superior text quality, while the color tank uses a dye-based ink for superior picture quality. Canon lists page yields of 220 for the black tank and 244 for the color tank.

The MX330 can store 30 A4 sheets in its automatic document feeder, and its scanner can scan at a resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. You may get two or four copies on a single sheet of paper thanks to its collated copying functionality. Scan directly to a memory stick by inserting it into the front USB port and doing so.

To navigate the menus and operate the device, a 1.8-inch Liquid crystal display is provided, which is smaller than most LCDs on current multifunction printers but still functional. The Canon's 33.6kpps fax adds to the device's corporate functionality.

The Canon's grey and black exterior is unobtrusive and safe in terms of design. The MX330 has the same standard of build quality as other Canon products, and it looks and feels like it can handle the rigors of office life.

The MX330 stands out as a device designed for individuals who print more business documents than photographs due to its lack of distinct ink tanks, auto document feeder, and fax. This was borne out by the testing findings. For an inkjet printer, the quality of the text is quite high. It rivals that of some laser prints we've seen. The draft quality was fantastic, with very crisp and powerful text blocks present in both regular and best settings. Not bad at all, considering that a page of rough draft text was completed and ready to go in only 9 seconds, while a page of best text took 1 minute and 37 seconds. Not even close to an age, but slower than a few other Canon all-in-ones.

Even though it took 6 minutes to transfer 10 pages of images and text, the high quality more than made up for the sluggish transfer speed. Both the text and the pictures came out well, so it's clear where this printer excels.

The camera's overall performance wasn't quite as good for photography, but it wasn't bad, either. Impressively, it only took 1 minute and 42 seconds to print an A4 photo, but the quality was just average. While the lack of fine detail in the dark parts was obvious, the colors were spot on and the overall tone was satisfactory. If you just plan on printing photos sometimes, the Canon should suffice, but that's as far as we'd recommend going.

The Canon Pixma MX330 is designed for users that print more text and PDF documents than photos, and it does a great job with its two ink cartridges for this purpose. Excellent cost-effectiveness, considering its price tag of about £80.

Although the Canon's photos aren't great, it's not designed for that, therefore we're able to overlook that little flaw. The Canon delivers remarkable value for money as an all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier for a small business.